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Feel the Force of the Fantastic Four

LONDON - England - Another summer means another cinematic offering from the ever-growing Marvel movie franchise, this time with the Fantastic Four.

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This year we were treated to another instalment of the Fantastic Four featuring the likes of Kata Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller.

Offering a glimpse inside the world of crime fighting on a supernatural plane, the film has received mixed reviews from the public, but that hasn’t stopped the customary merchandise bandwagon from rolling on.

In between a corporate row involving the X-Men, Fantastic Four’s merchandise is generating huge amounts of money around the globe thanks to a quirky mix of costumes, figurines and games. Of course, the line between old tat and quality merch is a fine one, which is why we’ve picked out some of the more interesting Fantastic Four options out there.

The Fantastic Four Retro Seatbelt


What does any Fantastic Four fanatic need when they want to look fresh? A belt that looks like a seatbelt, that’s what. Emblazoned with the familiar “4” logo, the quirky seatbelt turned trouser aid is as left-field as the comic genre itself and for £15 it’s a real bargain.

Fantastic Four Fizz


Those with a way with words will often tell you to “drink up the atmosphere” when something is deemed worth watching, but with the latest incarnation of the Fantastic Four you can literally taste the action. Thanks to a collaboration between Crush Soda and Marvel, you can now sample “4 Fantastic Flavours” with a selection of limited edition cans. In addition to offering a tasty movie accompaniment, Crush is also giving away a slew of free tickets to the movie.

Continuing the long-standing relationship between Marvel and the iGaming industry, fans of online slots can now ante-up and spin the reels in search of riches courtesy of the Fantastic Four online slot game. Imbued with an array of sights and sounds from the comic and film series, this game not only gives you a chance to win £100,000+ but a way to enjoy the best parts of the film in a new guise.

If you’re a fan of camping and really want to standout from the crowd, then a Fantastic Four sleeping bag is a must. Designed to hug each of your limbs individually, these superhero suits turned sleeping aids are a great way to stay warm but still stay ready for battle. Although the price of each Fantastic Four sleeping bag is close to £100, there’s no doubt they’ll keep you warm while you’re looking cool as hell.

Fantastic Four Threads


We couldn’t compile a list of Fantastic Four themed gifts and not throw in a t-shirt. A staple piece of merchandise, the humble round neck t-shirt is something every fan should want to own and we think the best option out there is the classic logo design. Bearing nothing more than the famous “4” logo and the team’s customary blue colour scheme, you can pick up this Impact Merchandising product for around £10 which means it’s an absolute bargain for every Fantastic Four fan.


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