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Executive Search Poland – How to Recruit Effectively?

WARSAW - Poland - Finding quality corporate recruitment should not be a problem with recruitment professionals Executive Search Poland.

Successful recruitment carried out by experienced, reliable and effective recruitment professionals is essential in the present uncertain times. Often we do not even realize how much depends on the Human Resources industry. Many managers have doubts about whether to leave recruitment to an in-house recruitment team or to outsource it to an external company. The desire to save money results in Executive Search Poland activities being taken over by the HR department.

The recruitment they carry out varies. Unfortunately, it often ends in failure. The wrong people are hired and after some time they resign or are dismissed by the company. Apparent savings turn out to be a serious loss not only financially, they are also negative for the company’s image.

The use of tailor-made recruitment solutions offered by specialised companies such as Sowelo should therefore be the basis for action. Headhunters from independent agencies have a rich experience in the industry. They have dozens of recruitment projects to their credit, have worked with clients from all over the world and get great results in the recruitment process.

Executive Search Poland by Sowelo – what does the company offer?

Sowelo Agency has been operating on the market since 2007. Its long-standing experience consists of numerous recruitment projects carried out for clients from all over the world. For more than 15 years, Sowelo headhunters have been successfully recruiting professionals with different languages, backgrounds and cultures. Some of the specialists Sowelo has recruited include Branch Director, Software Architect, Financial Controller, Operation Director, R&D Centre Lead, Sales Executive or Network Engineer, Unit Manager, Credit Controller and Accounting Manager. The number of specialists acquired is truly impressive! For more details of the offer, you can check at https://sowelo.eu/services/executive-search-direct-search/


What does Sowelo offer? Let us say at the outset – the offer is really extensive. The Sowelo Consulting agency offers Executive Search Poland, IT Contracting, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Market Mapping, Interim Recruitment. Executive Search Poland itself is “a proven way to quickly recruit the best ‘quality’ candidates”. The company targets clients who are looking for managers and specialists with well-defined competences and experience. Of course, we are talking about both soft and hard competencies. Numerous successful recruitment projects in the fields of IT, telecommunications or finance are only part of Sowelo’s experience. The company also provides professional advice on recruitment strategies, tools and methods.

Benefits of cooperation with Sowelo

Commitment and full professionalism – this is what every client using the services of the Sowelo Consulting agency can always count on. Headhunters use methods and specialised tools in their work. They use the network of mutual contacts created by the company. It is well known that word of mouth is the best way of communication. It also works very well in recruitment! Thanks to it, headhunters know where to look for specialists and can reach them very quickly.

A powerful application tracking system (ATS) is also undoubtedly an effective tool in the work of Sowelo Consulting consultants. This is a tool that searches for relevant keywords in the CVs submitted by candidates and, based on these, allows candidates to progress to the next stage of recruitment. Combined with their vast knowledge, experience and ability to act quickly, it is easy for them to target exceptional, talented candidates. Even if a candidate does not include the mentioned keywords in their CV – which often happens – Sowelo’s experienced headhunters will reach them, and they will take part in the recruitment.

Systems and tools are one thing, of course, but the most important thing is Sowelo’s vast experience in recruitment and Executive Search Poland. It is the many years of experience and numerous recruitment projects that allow Sowelo consultants not only to identify the best candidates, but also to exclude the unsuitable ones. As a result, unsuitable people do not even reach the interview stage. In turn, interviewees are assessed by experienced headhunters in no time. Behaviour, speech, body language – nothing escapes the experienced eye. This saves the client a lot of money, as simply inexperienced people will not be hired. The company will avoid bad hires and the associated financial and image losses.

Executive Search Poland by Sowelo – these negative consequences can be avoided

Executive Search Poland is, as we have already mentioned, an excellent way to avoid bad hires. Thanks to the services of professionals, the company has a chance to avoid hiring the wrong people and the associated impact on its performance and image. Cooperation with Sowelo makes it possible to eliminate people who are dishonest, unreliable or difficult to work with. It also sometimes avoids hiring fraudsters who participate in recruitment only to steal and sell on confidential business information.

Harvard Business Review data shows that as many as half of new employees fail within 18 months of being hired. These are not only low-paid individuals, but also skilled managers. This can be reduced by using Sowelo’s services. As the data shows, the majority of failures are due to a bad attitude (89%). Only 11% of failures are related to technical skills shortages.

Furthermore, the research shows that during recruitment, as many as 82% of managers had negative impressions of candidates. However, these were ignored. The turnover would have been much lower if the recruitment had been entrusted to a specialist recruitment company, the professionals at Sowelo Consulting.

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