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CasinoBlox Joins Canada’s Booming Online Casino Market

TORONTO - Canada- The casino comparison site CasinoBlox is now making a name for itself in the Canadian online gambling market.

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Just weeks after its successful launch in the German market, casino comparison portal CasinoBlox has taken its first steps towards making a name for itself in Canada. Jacob Hayes is the Canadian Country Manager for CasinoBlox. He said: “We’re very excited to enter the Canadian market for online casino comparison portals. We believe our product has the potential to do very well in the years to come.

CasinoBlox launched in Germany earlier in April. There, the uncertainty surrounding iGaming in the wake of new legislation means gamers are in greater need than ever for advice on choosing the right site to indulge their hobby. Hayes says there is a similarly high demand in Canada. He commented that there has been a shift from consoles and PCs towards mobile devices for gaming in recent years. The CasinoBlox.ca platform is designed with this ecosystem in mind, and is optimized for mobile usability and fast response times. Furthermore, the site is specifically tailored for the Canadian market, and brings exclusive offers that are only available to Canadian players.

A blossoming market

The online gaming market is one that operates in a complex legal framework, and one that is subject to different nuances in different jurisdictions. Asked about the specifics of the Canadian market, Hayes said: “When deciding on whether to enter a market or not, the existence of some sort of legal framework is important to us. While the Canadian market is still viewed as a “grey” market in that sense, we think it is maturing very well and is already a relatively safe market for online gamblers. Furthermore, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is already taking excellent steps in laying out stringent provisions for operators to adhere to.

Toronto, Canada

Online gambling in Canada

Like so many markets around the world, the Canadian rules relating to gambling are not always entirely clear, as legislators struggle to keep pace with advancing technology. As is the case in the US, the specific legislation is dictated on a state by state basis. As far as land-based casinos are concerned, Canada has more than 100, operating everywhere except Labrador and Newfoundland.

Online casinos are also extremely popular, especially in recent months due to widespread closures of the physical alternatives. The rules stipulate that online casinos are not permitted to operate from Canada. However, licensed Canadian online casinos clearly exist. This apparent paradox is explained by the fact that their servers are almost all located on the Kahnawake native reserve, which is not subject to these state laws. These sites are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a regulatory body that lays down strict criteria to web-based casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks.

It is worth keeping in mind that these regulations are applied only to the gaming provider. There are no laws to prohibit players in Canada from using online gambling sites, regardless of where, or how, the site is registered. However, with the uncertainty that surrounds the industry, it seems there will be plenty of demand for the services CasinoBlox provides.

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