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Why Staff Well-being Should be a Priority for Business Owners

MANCHESTER - England - Wellness in the work place is important. Did you know? Employee’s spend over 35% of their total waking hours over a 50 year period at work, so caring for their mental health is vital to maintain success and prevent employee’s developing work-related chronic diseases.

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More and more people across the globe are becoming more health conscious and higher levels of stress and long working days do nothing but add to the pressure of their daily lives. Even the commute to work can be the reason for additional stress and

What happens if you’re involved in an accident? How much do you get for whiplash? Find out why prioritising your staff well-being is important below.

Prevent work-related illnesses

Despite the fact that chronic diseases become more common the older you get, anyone can suffer from a chronic disease. A chronic disease or work-related illness usually lasts more than three months and cannot be prevent by vaccines or cured with the help of medication – and they don’t just disappear.

As a business owner, you can identify risks through risk assessments and seeking advice based on the outcome. You should also ensure that all organisational factors as well as work-place pressures including targets and bonuses prevent staff from taking actions that carry a high risk.

Improves employee retention & attracts new talent

Another reason why it’s important for business owners to prioritise the well-being of their staff is to improve employee retention. Not only will the total amount of lost working days decrease since less people are likely to take sick leave, it will also reduce staff turnover. An employee retention strategy is a cost effective way of managing employee turnover. A high employee turnover can be costly which is why it’s vital to implement retention practices to support an organisation.

Nowadays, employers are taking mental health in the work place more seriously than ever. Caring for your employee’s wellbeing also attracts the best talent because they can see that you take the health of your staff seriously.

Encourages a collaborative workforce

When you make the effort to look after your staff, they take care of the rest. When business owners take care of their employee’s they start to feel appreciated and stride to succeed. When it comes to collaboration in the work place, it involves giving each employee an equal opportunity to participate and share their ideas to achieve a common goal.

Improves staff morale and focus

Your employees make up a team of people you rely on every day, so you should make sure you take time to thank them for their hard work. A recent study has shown that more than 80% of engaged staff received some kind of recognition for their good work, whereas only 35% of unengaged staff did. Praising your staff for their good work doesn’t have to be complicated. As much as ensuring your employees feel good about their contribution to the success of the business is enough to renew their desire to achieve greater

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