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Getting Ready For 50pc Tax Mass City Exodus

LONDON - England - The economy was bracing itself for the massive exodus of top earners from Britain's shores as the 50pc tax threshold is set to come into force soon.

Labour’s pledge to ruin the British economy for generations to come is working very nicely according to City accountants who have been working non-stop for the past few weeks trying to find a way to help their panicking clients from paying 50 percent of everything they earn on taxes.

“This is set to be the biggest mass exodus from the City ever recorded. If we don’t find a way to bypass the new directives from the government we are all leaving these shores. It is the consensus of all top earners that either they avoid the 50pc threshold or we leave. I think it is going to be the latter option because Brown is closing all the loopholes this time and there will be no exceptions. Switzerland is a viable option for a lot of us. You would have to be a fool to pay the 50pc tax,” Rupert Sorensen, a director for IDC Holdings, told the Financial Times.

The depth of concern about the planned 50p rate of tax
for employees earning more than £150,000 a year will also result in the British economy falling further into debt and recession being prolonged for many decades without any chance of recovery. High profile entrepreneurs
including Guy Hands, the City financier who runs Terra Firms Capital
Partners, have already quit Britain in protest at the new tax and many
senior businessmen know others will follow suit.

“The economy is going to take a big hit and Britain will face a brain drain of talent abroad. It’s not just brainy financiers who will leave these shores, so will footballers who will not touch this place with a barge pole because of the 50pc tax. The talent drain will trickle down to the already failing Labourised economy resulting in mass job losses; loss of business; loss of enterprise and ghost towns,”
said one chief executive of a FTSE 100 company.

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