Swarm of Amazon Drones Spotted Over South Africa

CAPE TOWN - South Africa - Thousands of Amazon drones were spotted over the city today in a drone nuisance after losing their way from North America.

Amazon C.E.O Jeff Bezos was shitting kittens today.

Radar images revealed 40,000 Amazon drones carrying Christmas presents for Americans had mysteriously been diverted to Cape Town, South Africa.

Blik Mansfoort, 34, a Cape Town dock worker first heard the noise of thousands of drones coming over the water.

“My god, I was unloading a ship and I heard this really loud droning sound. Then the sky went black with these things. They were buzzing and swooping all over the place. I then got hit by twenty Christmas presents and they flew North.”

The South African Air Force was deployed at 3pm but were unable to stop the drones flying towards Botswana.

Jeff Bezos has personally apologised to the South African president, Jacob Zuma by phone.