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5 Tips on How to Deal With Forced Gender Woke Ideology

LONDON - England - It is forcibly pushed down people's throats daily. Here are some tips on how to deal with gender woke ideology.

The public are truly fed up of having gender and Woke Marxist ideology constantly stuffed down their throats. This nefarious destabilising demoralising off shoot of Marxism is now constantly fed through all media channels, schools, universities, advertising and corporations.

Woke and gender ideology is a technique utilised to demoralise the West and was created by CCP intelligence agents over a decade ago during the Obama administration. The intent is to align the West with Communist Chinese Maoist Marxist ideology, as well as bring an era of communist censorship. Yes, we already know that trans people are humans, and all races are part of the human race. This has been known for some time, and we do not need to have it shoved down our throats constantly. Through the use of cancel culture and mass censorship employed by Silicon Valley controlling conglomerates, all prior societal norms are censored and only Woke/Gender theory are accepted.

So, how does one survive this onslaught? If everyone followed these tips, then the constant attacks could be alleviated for some time at least.

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The Democrat Party under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is associated with riots, looting, arson, gender woke ideology, China, communism, Marxism and corruption

1. Do not let your children attend any educational establishment that pushes gender woke theory. Do not teach at such an establishment or be employed in any capacity within those places.

2. Boycott all films, series, film companies, music, advertising agencies, TV shows, books, art, news organisations that deploy gender woke ideology.

3. Do not vote for any political candidate in any capacity that is pushing Marxist CCP aligned gender woke theory.

4. Never fall into the trap of discussing or debating the concept because not only are the agents who constantly deploy their gender woke theory completely brainwashed with the Marxist theory, but you may get cancelled by the internet mobs that will be set upon your person. Just pretend it does not exist, and this should alleviate the problem.

5. Finally, live your life. They want to disrupt your life, they want to demoralise you, they want to cancel you for not adopting their communist Marxist gender woke ideology. They want to divide people, to disintegrate society, kill democracy, destroy Western civilisation and mould it into their deranged totalitarian regime of communistic conformity. Simply don’t let them. Live your life away from them. If you see or hear them, just turn it off, move away, avoid.

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