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Child Abuser Jimmy Savile Dies

LEEDS - England - Yesterday Sir Jimmy Savile passed away. He was a man who was viewed as a saint by many but if they were to know what he was really like they would not revere him so much.

As the crowds gather around the coffin of Jimmy Savile, the rumours that have been kept so secret from the general public by the BBC and others, may one day hopefully come out into the open. His abuse at children’s homes in Jersey are well known to many even though Savile always denied everything.

For such a man to be revered and deemed a saint by the whole country is a sickening sight to behold, and may his cover behind charity one day come to light.

Not only was Savile an abuser but he was fully protected by the powers in charge of entertainment.

Savile was a sick individual who despite being given a hero’s sendoff will hopefully rot in hell. The Devil will fix it for you Jimmy.

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  1. I always knew there was something weird about Savile. He was passed over as eccentric but that stare he would always do would freak me out as a child. If only he was stopped before.

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