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Trump: “This is Not War” Will Move 120,000 Troops to Persian Gulf

STRAIT OF HORMUZ - As tensions rise in the region, the latest shooting down of a U.S. drone by Iran is a sign that more troops and military build-up is on the way by the Americans.


The Iran operation will take a lot more than 120,000 troops, but this is a small offering to the Gods of War who are now beating their drums with a little more gusto. Along with U.S. troops being deployed in the region, mainly in Iraq, which borders Iran, there has already been deployment of an aircraft carrier, supporting battleships, and multiple anti-aircraft missile defence systems.

Trump is going easy for now, however the shooting down of a US RQ-4 Global Hawk drone today by the Iranians is further impetus to up the tempo regarding military build-up. The drones cost $222.7 million each.

The operation this time is wholly different to the 2003 Gulf invasion of Iraq by the U.S. because the Persians can do some serious damage as has already been demonstrated by nearly sinking multiple oil tankers going through the Strait of Hormuz, and the downing of the U.S. drone.

The Iranians are now very close to going through the limit of stockpiled low-enriched uranium the 2015 nuclear deal allows it to have, increasing fears that Iran may inch closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon via Iran’s uranium mine at Gchine, utilising its extensive research projects in plutonium and uranium metal, and the use of Polonium 210. Iran is not shy in admitting who their first nuclear target will be — Israel. Scientists estimate that Iran is less than 5 months away from completing their atomic bomb project, which will be deployed either in dirty form, or from one of their numerous ballistic missile projects.

While all this is going on, there seems to be only silence from the UN Security Council. Has John Bolton shut them up with his loud barking?

Furthermore, there is silence from the anti-war activists, a far cry from the 2003 days when George W Bush and Tony Blair walked into Iraq with millions lining the streets in protest. This is possibly due to the hushed manner of news reports which underplay any threat of war with Iran by the media. All of this while Russia and China sit back and watch intently.

The downing of the drone flying at approximately 60,000 ft (18.29 kilometres) brings to light the increase of Iranian technical abilities, not only to recognise the craft was unmanned but to accurately shoot it down from that height. Whether it was flying over Iranian air space within the 12 km buffer zone or International airspace, will no doubt be contested by both sides. If outside, then the Americans will have more impetus to move further with their plans, but if not, then the Iranians will claim justification for the downing of the reconnaissance craft.

Oil is up 6%.

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