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Hail Caesar! Donald Trump Visits Britain

LONDON - England - The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has arrived in the UK today on a three day state visit.


Socialists, Jeremy Corbyn, commie scum, remoaners, terrorists, Sadiq Khan, treasonous traitors, Theresa May, pathetic losers, are all running for cover today as the Chief, President Donald Trump comes to London town.

“You can see them all scuttling for cover as the great leader of the most powerful country in the world arrives today in the UK. Donald Trump brings the legacy of the United States’ union with Britain over the years, an ally who has endured the horror of World War II, and who has been at the forefront of International leadership, is like a beacon of light shining over the destructive socialist message of Marxist ideology,” one commentator revealed.

Landing at Stansted, there was no red carpet for Trump and his wife Melania, and no one of any import to meet the President, but Trump took this in his stride as he boarded his presidential chopper.

Trump has been hunted, he has been vilified, but he has endured each and every time. He is the antithesis to the Communist credo which has taken hold of much of America’s so called ‘progressives’ who are actually censorious totalitarian regressives.

There is no doubt that he will win in 2020, despite the major purges by major search engines and social media aligned with partisan American media companies.

Unfortunately, the three day Donald Trump visit will not end with a boxing match between the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and President, however there may be plans for the president’s helicopter to hover outside the Mayor’s office window whilst Trump undoes his trousers and moons the incompetent Mayor before flying back to America.

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