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Greeks Told to Pay Tax

ATHENS - Greece - The Greek government is trying to recover billions of euros lost to tax evasion as part of its austerity programme but millions of Greeks see it as their right not to pay any tax.

“We have told the Greek population that maybe it is time to pay some tax,” a Greek official said outside the Greek parliament before being pelted with rocks and molotov cocktails.

The few honest Greeks who are paying tax are the ones being punished, because they have to foot the burden of the many who are not.

“In Greece, if you need healthcare, you have to pay cash. No credit cards, therefore, this is why you have some surgeons making 900,000 euros per year and not declaring tax. It is like this in all professions in Greece. Only the stupid pay tax,” Stelios Malaka, an eye surgeon in Thessaloniki told Greek state radio.

Another Greek citizen said: “Let the German taxpayers pay. It is our right not to pay tax.”

Greece is currently about to receive a second bailout from the EU and one of the conditions of the new bailout is that the Greek population pays tax.

The whole of Greece erupted in mass riots at the news that they might have to start paying tax from now on.

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  1. Greeks have been living a champagne lifestyle for too long now. It's just they way they are, they go to tavernas on every night of the week, they love a good time and work to them is an annoyance. Add to this their refusal to pay taxes, which is a national sport in Greece.

  2. The EU should NOT bail out Greece until the majority of the population pay tax. How absurd that the Greeks believe it is stupid to pay tax. Let;s see how they fare without EU support!!

  3. Anna: "Another newsflash, only 89% of the population in Greece are evading the taxes not the honest ones"

    So only 11% of the population pay taxes…. WTF?!

  4. Modern Greeks are nothing like the ancient Greeks. These ones in fact have nothing to do with ancient Greeks and are very distant relatives genetically speaking. As for satire, if this article was meant to satirise the situation in Greece I'm afraid it failed miserably because this is all too truthful. Greece is the dreg end of Europe and will soon be dumped from the euro. They cannot be allowed to con anymore countries with their corruption and laziness.

  5. All Greek debt held by British, French, and German banks is insured by CDS issues by AIG and U.S. banks. When Greece goes bankrupt, the U.S. taxpayer will foot the bill, like back in 2008.

    I bet many U.S. taxpayers did not know that little fact.

  6. I am Greek and the image that they are portraying of Greeks around the world in horrendous. They magnify the 100 violent protesters out or the 20,00o actually there and make us look like animals. Newsflash, the Greeks are not lazy. Sure some Greeks evade their taxes, but so do people in the US. Another newsflash, only 89% of the population in Greece are evading the taxes not the honest ones, and they are the ones who are now suffering because of it. All of you Greek bashers need to get real and look as your own countries finances because many countries are in the same predicament as Greece, especially the US. The Greeks just happen to be the first ones, so they will get all the press. Again, the Greeks are not lazy. The Greeks are some of the most hardworking people in world. Sure, Greece has problems and policies that just don't fit, but again they are not the only ones. Yes, we are the cradle of Western civilization and Greece will come out this. If we found a way to beat the Turks, we can find a way to beat this.

  7. People like yani are another important part of Greek culture. i.e. ALWAYS blame someone else when things go wrong. Even today you will not find many Greeks prepared to admit responsibility for the problems in Greece where the lazy and corrupt people do not pay tax. Most of them still do not wish to make any changes to their easy lifestyles.

  8. Thanks to those lying bastard greeks who lied to get into the euro and cooked the books my share portfolio and pension is now worth pretty much nothing. Hey thank you greeks really great work now we have to pay for you lying sons of bitches Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why don't you worthless idiots get a job and pay tax like the rest of us? Why do we have to pay for you to laze around in the sun? bastards

  9. First look at your own problems ass. What about the muslims in your country they are a bigger threat then us Greeks.

  10. The Greek people sold themselves into debt slavery. They consumed all the luxury of a grossly overinflated lifestyle, and now they are the people who need to pay the bill. This fiasco emerged because the people who committed the fraudulent conspiracy to falsifiy their budgets were Greeks. This is a very simple case of an entire nation of criminals who got caught redhanded. Now they riot in the streets to protest the justice of their punishment. Violence and crime are always the first resort of the stupid. Where are your EU subsidies now you lying crooks?

  11. They lied when they were accepted in to the euro currency. Now they blackmail Germany and other EU countriees say if you dont pay us we will cause more trouble. In German we are very angry with Greeks. Why should we pay for you to spend our money you are a blackhole for money.

  12. Your article gives a wrong impression at least as to the quotations. Indeed parliament/government/lawyers/doctors and the like declare very low income iot avoid taxes.
    However company employees and the like pay their taxes (these are withheld at the source, ie the can't "escape" from paying taxes and these are even quite high compared to European salaries/taxes. Knowing that taxes paid disappear into corrupt peoples pockets off course is outrageous, but don't take it that all Greeks are corrupt and dont pay their taxes.

  13. It's incredible I was watching the riots today in Greece and I thought to myself, wow these people are credited with being the cradle of Western civilization. Look at them now, they're no more then a bunch of strutting apes soon to be consigned to the stone age.

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