Greeks Told to Pay Tax

ATHENS - Greece - The Greek government is trying to recover billions of euros lost to tax evasion as part of its austerity programme but millions of Greeks see it as their right not to pay any tax.

“We have told the Greek population that maybe it is time to pay some tax,” a Greek official said outside the Greek parliament before being pelted with rocks and molotov cocktails.

The few honest Greeks who are paying tax are the ones being punished, because they have to foot the burden of the many who are not.

“In Greece, if you need healthcare, you have to pay cash. No credit cards, therefore, this is why you have some surgeons making 900,000 euros per year and not declaring tax. It is like this in all professions in Greece. Only the stupid pay tax,” Stelios Malaka, an eye surgeon in Thessaloniki told Greek state radio.

Another Greek citizen said: “Let the German taxpayers pay. It is our right not to pay tax.”

Greece is currently about to receive a second bailout from the EU and one of the conditions of the new bailout is that the Greek population pays tax.

The whole of Greece erupted in mass riots at the news that they might have to start paying tax from now on.