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White Voters Win Mid-term Election

WASHINGTON DC - USA - White America swept the polls on Tuesday with a comprehensive victory in the mid-term elections.

“This is a victory for white Americans. We came out and voted right this time,” Arlene Philips, a triumphant Republican voter said in Arizona.

On the other side of the country, in Chicago, an Obama supporter, Jaquanda Johnsons, said: “Y’all needs to realise that Obama lost the vote ‘cos he’s black. That’s how it is in this country. They first say everything equal, and then they show their true face.”

The landslide victory in the House of Representatives by the Republicans revealed how white voter anger had boiled over in the last two years.

“We gave him a chance to prove his worth. White people voted for him last time but not no more. He screwed it up plus he pissed off too many sections of voters. While he was out there playing golf and being lazy, Americans were losing their jobs and their homes,” Texan voter, Connor Pounder, told CNN.

Tea Party candidates like Sarah Palin, however, denied that there were any racial undertones to the voting: “Black people everywhere are free to join the Tea Party. It’s just that there won’t be a seat at the table. Maybe they can sit on the floor.”

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