Why Mineral Rich Afghanistan Had to be Invaded

KABUL - Afghanistan - The US explains why it invaded Afghanistan's trillion dollar mineral rich lands.

The vast
deposits of of
iron, and
critical industrial metals like lithium are so big and include so many
minerals that it would have been a crime not to invade the country and
liberate them,” Joel Liebnitz, a Pentagon strategist told CNN.

The land of
Afghanistan is now earmarked to be completely opened up and mined so
that all that will be left will be a massive canyon crater with nothing

“Let’s face it,
this place is a goddamn shit hole anyway. If we dig a few holes here and
there, the dumbass sheep herders ain’t gonna notice much. Hell, those
fuckers are so strung out on poppy juice they don’t realise we now own
this here place,” colonel Robert McNamara, stationed in Sangin told the

The Russians knew about the deposits in the 1980’s as did
the British before they were unceremoniously kicked out of the country.
Now the Americans and British mining companies are back, and after the
Iraqi oil well bonanza, the Afghan mineral fields will reap many rewards
for the Western governments.