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Bin Laden Could Be Walking Around In Many Disguises Says FBI

WASHINGTON D.C.- USA - The FBI has published fresh photographs of Osama bin Laden to try to track down the Al-Qaida leader.

a first “aged progressed” mugshot, he is portrayed in western clothes
with a modern haircut and a trimmed beard; a second shows the
terrorist leader in his traditional outfit, with a mullet hairstyle; a third shows the terror chief wearing a bowl haircut and the last one in traditional attire with turban and long beard.

Forensic artists used digital enhancement to modify Bin Laden’s features in an attempt to show what he might now look like.

“We thought we had caught up with Bin Laden in a mall in Georgia last week but he disappeared almost as quickly as he appeared. We were that close dammit!” FBI director in general, Albert Koslowski, told the Times newspaper.

Bin Laden (left) sports a razor cut style and (right) a classic bowl hairstyle

The classic look (left) with some serious mulletude (right)

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