War Criminal On Lucrative Lecture Circuit

LONDON - England - A British war criminal, who caused the deaths of millions of people in the Middle East, has been raking in huge amounts of money on the lecture circuit as well as accepting lucrative directorships from high ranking bankers, a hearing has told.

“We suspect this man, who was complicit in the murder of millions of innocent Iraqis, is still cavorting around the world in private jets and luxury liners,” a reporter for the Independent newspaper said on Tuesday.

Although the evidence presented by the White Wash court in the UK is pretty damning, there are however no plans to prosecute the liar and bring him to justice.

“In this country, we do not prosecute treasonous war criminals. We give them medals, that’s why this dishonourable gentleman will get away with the wicked deeds he has committed and rightly so I say. Everyday in the British courts we let off murderers, knifing maniacs and thugs with a simple caution. Another one on the streets won’t make much of a difference will it?” Lord Phuckah, presiding over the White Wash Inquiry told the Daily Mail yesterday.