Spooky Belgian EU President Now Controls the UK

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Hells bells, this guy, Herman Van Rompuy, makes Tony Blair look like a saint.

No one knows much about the new EU president who was hailed as the new unelected EU leader today but the information gleaned about him is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in terror.

“This guy makes pope Benedict look like a boy scout. Mr Van Rompuy is said to have secret catacombs underneath his dwelling in the Belgian countryside where he indulges in all manner of deviancies. He is reputed to be part of a secretive society that indulges in activities that author Dan Brown would love to write about in his books. He is certainly the right unelected man to head the EU communist state which now dictates all laws in Britain and controls it economically,” Peter Holbrook, an economic analyst for Deutsche Bank told the BBC.

Fourth Reich

Many who were watching the screens as this evil paedo clown was installed, shrieked with utter fright at his face and some even had to turn away when the cameras showed his awful features.

“Certainly, this new unelected EU leader makes my skin crawl. Whenever they show him on screen, it’s as if they’re clawing long nails on a blackboard such is his repulsive state. God knows what manner of perversions he has been party to and will continue to commit under the auspices of the oppressive EU presidency. I pray for his victims that they’re suffering is not prolonged. God help us all,” Martina Kalashnikov, 23, a resident of Liverpool said after reports of the new unelected EU presidency was announced.

  • Quentin

    I’ve seen this dude’s face in the movie Hostel directed by Eli Roth He was one of the torturers who paid money to have his sick way with the American victims.

  • AJ

    That guy gives me the creeps…does he hang outside school gates with a mac on?

  • ZenithB

    Is it possible that they are all mad now without knowing it? Mr Van Rompuy looks as though he might do something from his catacombs that gets us all into the same state even faster than Tony Blair. Why are the psychiatrists not doing anything about it, believing it to be merely politics, outside their remit? Pass the soma, please.

  • pap21

    This is now the Post Democratic age, drink your Soma, hail the Brave New World.

    The next stage is taking away cash and your property, then giving you carbon credit allowances.

    Goold luck and see you in the forests