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Obama Nearing Decision to Send More Troops to US Cities

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Barack Obama is nearing a decision to send more than 300,000 additional U.S. troops to American cities next year.

“We need more troops on the ground here, it’s like a hellhole, a wasteland,” Arnie Fink, 27, staff Sergeant for 102nd Light Infantry division told Fox news who were reporting from the war torn country.

America, is a war zone with thousands of shootings everyday and they desperately need more troops to quell the unrest in America’s ghettos and streets.

“We’ve been at war for many years now and there is no sign of an exit strategy, when is Obama going to come out with a decision to send more troops to our own goddamn cities?” Jeremy Poindexter, a military analyst from Fort Hood, Texas, told a group of reporters on the front line.

Another 70,000 troops would man and support a new division headquarters
for the national force’s Regional Command (RC) South in El Paso. Some 4,000
additional U.S. trainers are likely to be sent as well, the officials

The first additional combat brigade probably would arrive in Washington D.C. next March, the officials said, with the other three
following at roughly three-month intervals, meaning that all the
additional U.S. troops probably wouldn’t be deployed until the end of
next year. Army brigades number 3,500 to 5,000 soldiers; a Marine
brigade has about 8,000 troops.

Residents of a small town in Arkansas are fed up with the delay for more troops from Obama including Ronald McPherson, 64, a factory worker who told CBS news of his wishes for more troops in American cities: “Instead of murdering people in cold blood in foreign lands we need to do more of that over here because we need to stop the shooters who are going on their rampages. I’m up for shooting Muslims to death in those countries but we got to shoot them on our home turf too. It’s like a skeet shoot or something sometimes. Yesterday I went to the store to buy me a loaf of bread, had to step over about six bodies on the way. C’mon Obama send more troops will you!”

Obama, it seems is under increased pressure to send more troops to deal with the U.S’ domestic crisis rather than creating more war elsewhere.

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