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Brown Finally Wins a By-election

GLASGOW - Scotland - Ailing prime minister, Gordon Brown has finally won a by-election, albeit in a place where 75% of the population are on Labour benefits.

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“I’ve never worked a day in my life and there was no way in hell I would vote for anyone else than Labour. What, and lose my disability benefits, council tax benefits and four bedroom house?” Jock McFartle, told the Guardian whilst playing a round of golf in Glasgow’s premier golf club.

Glasgow has the highest rate of people on benefits in the UK where many households have never had anyone in the house work a day in their lives.

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“I get up in the morning, have a drink, some fags and then it’s off to the post office to pick up my giro of £3,500 per week and then straight down to the pub. At about sixish, I return home and switch on my taxpayer funded 47 inch state-of-the-art plasma television and order a few takeaways and more fuckin’ booze,” Alistair Wallace, 58, who has never worked a day in his life told the New Scotsman newspaper.

Under Labour’s government, the welfare culture is such a big part of Glasgow’s lifestyle now that the key voters for the election were people who did not want to lose their benefits.

“This is a winning strategy for Labour, they will use the leeches in Britain’s society who have everything paid for by people who work. Those benefit scum who are called ‘useless eaters’ and are no use to anyone; are not only a burden on taxpayers but a vote winner for Labour. Gordon Brown’s government does not value anyone who works for a living, instead they are taxed out of existence. Gor
don Brown’s Labour does not value families that work and contribute but instead values the dysfunctional chav detritus who breed indiscriminately and spawn the next generation of dangerous feral killer thugs addicted to benefits, who will never offer anything to society other than chaos,” a man from Glasgow, who works and did not vote for Labour, told the New Scotsman.

Now we know why Gordon Brown had a big smile on his face after finally winning a by-election. The unelected prime minister knows that Britons who are addicted to the welfare culture brought in by Labour, would never throw away their parasitic lifestyles by voting for anyone else.

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  1. NO PRIME MINISTER IS ELECTED ! – what bloody idiots keep whinging on about this ? We elect governments, they choose the Prime Minister. Stop being a twat and understand that we have NEVER elected a Prime Minister and never will do

  2. These arseholes are living the life of riley when people like me have to work ourselves to death everyday so that c@nt Gordon Brown can give away most of my pay to these people? You are kidding me right? It’s enough to turn you bonkers it is.

  3. And we wonder why people from the third world want to come over here?

    Labour is giving these people bucketloads of money to waste away, no wonder half the world is trying to cross the channel.

  4. This isn’t anything new; speak to the tax payers of Sheffield who have funded the Labour voters for decades thanks to David Blunket’s far sightedness when he was leader of Sheffield Council.

  5. The fatties in that part of the world would soon need more calories, according to research findings. That’s no problem for Gordon Brown. But there’s still a snag. Hoists would have to be provided to anglepoise the fatties to put their cross on the ballot papers. Nurses say it’s more likely that derricks would be needed. Still no problem, says Brown.

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