New Royal Mail Movie: ‘The Postman Never Rings Once’

LONDON - England - A new British film set to commemorate the Royal Mail service is to be released soon.

The film set in modern day Britain will showcase the famous Royal Mail service that is responsible for the countries postal deliveries.

In the new film, which was filmed in a deserted postal depot in Walthamstow, East London, there are no stars or even cast.

“We’re going to be filming the sacks of post lying in the depot. Panoramic shots of unopened Christmas presents never delivered, and sack loads Christmas cards which were never delivered as well. The stars of the show will be the rats and mice who will be nibbling at the packages amongst the built up dust and cobwebs,” the film’s director, Mason Perdubero told the Mirror newspaper.

The film which will be released in late December will be in 3D and is said to be so engrossing that it may rival anything released by Titanic director James Cameron which will be released at the same time say movie pundits.