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Leading Think Tank: "Gordon Brown Blinded by Power"

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown's policies have come under attack from a leading think tank for being blinded by his "clunking fist of ultimate power and control freakery".

The Bristol based think tank commissioned by the Society for Research Statistics and Policy has stated that Gordon Brown has not only been “blinded by extreme power crazed politics” but is also “blind to the peoples wishes” and his “clunking fist of totalitarian control” has in effect “totally blinded him”.

Roger Magoo, a senior researcher for the Brown Stain think tank said this yesterday: “Some may say that we’ve had a blind bastard leading the country ever since the unelected coward shoehorned himself into the post, but we have to look into the fine detail of his iron fisted rule to see how utterly blind he really is. I’ve seen bats with more sight than Gordon. He may be blind to what is really going on in the country and he may be blinded by ultimate power of the people but can he see the writing on the wall this coming election? Is he blind to that as well?”

The unelected prime minister is so cowardly and reprehensible that he is now looking at strategies to get him off losing the only election he will ever participate in.

“Gordo’s looking to pull a sickie. He’s like the little kid who wants to get out of playing the Rugby game so he goes to matron and gets a sick note to show his PE teacher. He’s already done so much damage to the country and is not paying a blind bit of notice to what anyone thinks about his actions. In fact he’s so blind to the peoples feelings that if he was smacked in the face with a brick he’d thank the person who threw it and keep on gurning,” Mr Magoo added.

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  1. Mr Roger Magoo, true to scientific research, couldn’t be more right. None are so blind as those who wouldn’t see, and eventually because you don’t need those eyes, you become blind, first in one eye, say independent experts, while you still try in your slumber to keep the other open, then that one goes,too.
    Natural history has shown, if you still doubt this, that fish that have had to go live close to the bottom of the ocean, where the light doesn’t penetrate, to avoid being swallowed up by other fish from the same shoal turned cannibals, have all developed blindness.
    Experts also say that it’s no use pointing to Mr Blunkett, David that is, and say how much better you can do when blind. It’s not true that the other senses get more sharpened, unless it be only touch. In politics,

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