Obama Finds Secret Room in White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The current US president, Barack Hussein Obama has discovered a secret room in the White House holding some belongings of previous US president Bill Clinton.

The secret room was said to belong to former US president, Bill Clinton, as a place where he could hide objects and enjoy some time away from his wife, Hillary.

The room was discovered when one of Obama’s daughters accidentally touched an old book in the presidential library and a secret panel slid open revealing the secret hideout. The room had not been discovered for a while¬†because George W Bush could not read and rarely ever entered the White House library.

“During his presidency, Bill ordered the secret service to fix him a room so he could enjoy some time with the many young ladies smuggled into the White House. In the room, we found paintings of some of the girls, like a portrait of Monica Lewinski, and even a set of blue dresses with some kind of crusty white stains on them. Everything had a fine coat of dust because the room had not been used since 2001. Looks like the 42nd president of the United States sure had a good time, we found racks of Cuban cigars and a score chart on the wall detailing the dates for clandestine meetings with his secret girlfriends,” an Obama aide told Fox News.

Obama plans to use the secret room as a place where he can relax and maybe put his prayer mat down and face Mecca daily.

“Once we clear out Bill’s stuff, the president has asked us to prepare the room as a prayer room. It will be a nice place to pray. The Oval room is too official to pray in. Just last week, Biden walked into the Oval office and Barack had not finished praying yet. It was really awkward I tell you. He has to do it five times a day as well,” the aide revealed.

Mr Clinton was not available for comment yesterday regarding the secret White House lair as he was on a private fishing trip in Miami on a luxury yacht with about thirty hot women wearing nothing more than string bikinis. Mrs Clinton was in the Far East doing some Secretary of State business.

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