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Obama in Doghouse

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama's wife has not taken too kindly to seeing photographs of her husband ogling and leering at young women at the G8 conference in Italy last week.

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There was hell to pay in the Obama household this week when Michelle Obama was alerted to the new President’s ogling of young females at the G8 conference in Italy.

White House aides had to at one point clear away broken furniture and a damaged portrait of Abraham Lincoln after Mrs Obama caught wind of the photographs in the media.

“Poor Barack, he was jus’ lookin’ at some white booty but Michelle put the smack down. After they came back from Italy, he was sitting at his desk in the Oval room with his feet up relaxin’ and she came up behind and slapped him so hard round the noggin that he started to cry like a lil baby. Secret service boys were ordered to stand by because they have no jurisdiction on domestics. Last we saw before we were told to leave was Michelle grabbing the boy by the scruff of the neck and ramming the Washington Times into his open terrified mouth,” a White House staffer told Reuters.

Since the Obama’s have come back from Italy they have been holed up in the White House undergoing crisis talks say aides.

“Obama is not Bill Clinton. He ain’t no ‘comeback kid’, uh uh, not like Bill was. Michelle
don’t suffer fools gladly and ain’t no Hillary who lets her man get away with sleeping with all the floozies. I seen Michelle beat Barack over the head on the campaign bus more than once, especially when he got his lines wrong in rehearsals. What Barack must be going through now I don’t even want to know, poor bastard,” the Reverend Elijah. D.
Sharpton III, said on the Larry King show.


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