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Gordon Brown Offers Support to Iranian People in their Attempts to Overthrow their Unelected Leader

LONDON - England - Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, offered his support to the Iranian people in wishing to rid themselves of their unelected leader.

Speaking from Westminster, the Prime Minister offered his full support to the Iranian people: “The Iranians are very brave in trying to get rid of their unelected leader who has hijacked their country and is running it into the ground with his tin pot dictatorial ideas. This mad man has caused economic chaos and serious problems to the Iranian people and world at large. He is an unelected dictator and I personally commend the brave fighters who resist this unjust charlatan who has somehow shoehorned himself into the post.”

Mr Brown has also made it known to the unelected leadership of Iran that he intends to support the people who oppose the dictatorship currently in government.

“It is an utter disgrace that an unelected leader with no mandate can sneak his way into office and hold a whole country to ransom. This unelected Iranian president has also seen fit to hold on to power through any means possible. How cowardly and reprehensible is that?” Mr Brown added.

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  1. Go Gordon! Maybe he should encourage the Iranian people to set up a petition on the Iranian government website calling on the dictator to resign. A useful template for such a petition can be found on our own dear leader’s Downing street website.

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