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Video: Mandelson Gets Gunked

LONDON - England - Lord Mandelson has had some gooey stuff thrown over him on his way to work. The business secretary, Lord Mandy did not make an attempt to duck the liquid, believed to be green custard, which covered his face and overcoat.


“I will Survive”

Lord Mandelson branded the stunt, in front of television cameras, a ‘delicious reminder of my home pursuits’.

The pea soup squirting, outside the Government’s low carbon industrial strategy at the
Royal Society in London, was just another episode in Lord Mandy’s troubled return into the political fray. No police were at the scene.

“Mandy is used to having stuff squirted into his face and he took the soup gunging spunk-fest with a pinch of salt. It was like water off a ducks back,” a Royal Society elitist arsehole told Sky news.

Mandelson later emerged from the building after changing his tie and
said: ‘It was a wonderful distraction actually. There I was dreaming of Bill Clinton whilst on a visit to the United States and me wearing a blue dress, when, out of nowhere, I received a firm squirt of pea juice onto my face and clothes. Ooh it was so good. I enjoyed it so much I have to go to my office now and get into my ermine for a spot of Lordly action.”

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  1. mandy’s used to rolling around green slime so bet there were no worries for him…

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