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Government Pathologist Says Dr. Kelly’s Death ‘Textbook Suicide’

LONDON - England - The untimely death of Iraq weapons expert, David Kelly, was a "textbook case" of suicide, according to the government appointed pathologist who performed the post-mortem examination.

Tony Blair Nominated for Oscar

LONDON - England - Hollywood producers are clamouring to sign up former prime minister Tony Blair to star in the movies after seeing his amazing performance at the Chilcot Inquiry.

Tony Blair to be Paid to Talk About His War Crimes

TEXAS - USA - In a bid to get the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to talk about his war crimes in Iraq, a group of Texan businessmen are paying him hundreds of thousands of pounds to describe his crimes in an exclusive lecture.

Gordon Brown Endorses Tony Blair

LONDON - England - Tony Blair's hopes of becoming the EU President were in tatters today after the endorsement of Gordon Brown.

Blair Licking Lips for Irish EU Referendum ‘Yes’ Vote

Dublin - Ireland - Tony Blair was licking his lips at the thought of more power and money than he has ever dreamed about coming his way when the Irish ratify the Lisbon Treaty later today.

Tony Blair Visits Washington For Last Time

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair visited Washington for the last time to receive a final Presidential honour from George W Bush.

Blair Converts to Catholicism

LONDON - England - Tony Blair has caused fresh controversy by converting to Roman Catholicism less than six months after leaving office.

Blair Prepares for Last Visit to Washington

WASHINGTON DC - British Prime Minister Tony Blair offered a repentant apology for the illegal war in Iraq as he got off the plane for his final visit to see George W Bush.

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