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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Houses Built on Floodplains Could Get Docks

YORKSHIRE - England - Flooded homes built on floodplains could get boat docks built on the submerged buildings.

Farewell to Our Lady Notre Dame

PARIS - France - The Notre Dame cathedral has been severely burned, ruining the priceless 850-year-old artefacts inside and out.

Why Do Hurricanes Have Such Nice, Pleasant Names?

FLORIDA - USA - The body that names hurricanes is considering giving them nasty names, simply because these storms create such devastation and heart ache.

Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

HOUSTON - USA - Seeing the devastation to peoples lives in Texas from hurricane Harvey over the last couple of days, with little or no coverage in Europe, we at the Daily Squib have been watching scenes on YouTube.

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