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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Remembering the Days Before the Chinese Virus

LONDON - England - The Chinese Virus, COVID-19, may one day cause humanity to change its ways, and not continue down the same path of destructive behaviour.

Chinese Virus Did Not Come From China Says Furious Chinese Leader

WUHAN - China - Chinese president, Xi Jinping has furiously denied the Chinese Virus came from China.

Get a Free Home Makeover With a Chinese Hoverboard This Christmas

LONDON - England - The popular hoverboards that are sweeping Christmas gift lists across the globe also come with a nice surprise that guarantees a free home makeover.

Coventry Chinese Restaurant Employs Cat Napper Mary Bale

COVENTRY - England - She may have lost her job as a bank clerk and is now one of the most reviled women in the UK, but at least Mary Bale has one champion who wants to employ her services.

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