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Richest Football Club Owners in the World

MANCHESTER - England - Money flow in the Premiership football world always comes from the highest levels and the richest football club owners, proving that to make money, you need money.

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Football has taken a dramatic twist from being a mere sport for entertainment to become a money making an enterprise.

For the past two decades football has become more than a sport, rather it has become a business. It’s not only a business to the club owners but to players as well.

The rewards are even bigger than the jackpot prizes on most progressive online slots at top us online casinos.

However, the main focus of this article is on football owners who have become rich by investing large chunks of their money into reputable football clubs.

Investing in football clubs with a very good history of winning trophies and that generate high profits is what investors look at.

Some of these business people invest in a football club due to the fact that they are a long supporter of the club. To appreciate the men behind the so-called successful clubs let’s take a look at some of the richest club owners in the world.

Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed AL Nahyan – $34 Billion

After taking over the English football club Manchester City in 2008, the club has gone to perform extremely well. Sheikh Mansour has managed to invest his money in signing new players at the club and he also invested in building Manchester City a new training field centre.

His ambitions have managed to attract many big name players to play for Manchester City. Since he took over the club has won three League titles and three FA Cups. Sheikh also magnified his investments in buying MLS franchise, New York City and Aussie Club Melbourne City.

George Soros – $24 Billion- Manchester United

George Soros is the head of the Soros Fund Management one of the most popular hedge funds in the world. Soros became a billionaire in 1992 after he acquired $1 Billion in a single day by trading the British pound during the catastrophic Black Wednesday.

He later invested some of his money in football after signing a mega-deal to acquire DC United. He later decided to expand his fortunes and he became a minority shareholder in Manchester United until he became the majority shareholder owner.

He has transformed the Red Devils to be dominant in England and in Europe. The club has won many European Cups and Premier leagues under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson.


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