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Ricky Hatton to Join Labour Party Leadership Contest

MANCHESTER - England - Conservative party shadow cabinet members were licking their lips at the prospect of another serious contender entering the Labour leadership contest.

Ricky Hatton will join the fight for the Labour leadership alongside other winners like Harriet Harman and the featherweight contender pitty-pat puncher, David Milliband.

Commentators for the upcoming leadership contest were waiting with eager eyes and ears for the ensuing brawl to take place.

“Of course they’re all fighting for the crown which is currently being held by the current heavyweight champion who has never actually won a fight but still proclaims himself top of the pile, Gordon ‘palooka’ Brown. There should be some bloodletting in the ring but as long as one of them keeps their defensive south paw position and reacts with a few jabs and uppercuts, maybe a parry or two, they may stay on the canvas for more than two minutes. Brown does not play clean either, we’ve heard he likes to go below the belt,” Reggie Murphy, Harriet Harman’s trainer told Boxing Weekly.

Be sure to watch the contest this summer on all the news channels.

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