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Black Hole Belches in Space Nearly Vomiting

CALIFORNIA - USA - Astronomers have witnessed a black hole at the heart of our galaxy belching in a case of galactic indigestion that could spell trouble for planets in its immediate vicinity.

“It burped! Did you see that? I think it swallowed something it did not quite agree with,” professor Lee Emerick, at the California Space Observatory excitedly told colleagues during a routine check of the sky.

The massive black hole belch could give astronomers a unique window on one of the universe’s great enigmas — galactic indigestion.

Black holes are so dense that not even light can escape them, once it passes their event horizon but if they swallow something disagreeable they can get galactic food poisoning which can prove fatal for anything in its path.

“We’re still monitoring the gaseous burpage, but if that thing vomits it wouldn’t be pretty. It could blow out chunks of everything from here to Alpha Centauri,” another astronomer revealed.

Maybe some galactic Alka Seltzer is needed to save the galaxy.

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