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Pet Friendly Home Designs

LONDON - England - Having a pet friendly home is essential for the well-being of both you and your pet. Here are some great tips to make a comfortable home for all of you.

Having a new member to the family always feels spectacular, and it’s generally exciting. Pets are known for decreasing stress, improving your heart health, and even helping your children with social and emotional skills. They’re a huge help, really. And they’re fun to be around. But the moment that they enter your home, there are certain boundaries that your pets can’t be at.

Moving with your pets gives you a chance to refurbish, redecorate the perfect touch here and there, and improve your life along the way.

When you move into a home with your new pet, there may not be enough features that
are friendly for your pets. Now that they are part of your family, you may have to make
some essential design decisions. From furniture to floorings, you’ll definitely need
some redecorating.

Solid wood floorings will be a huge help, that can be your first step into building pet friendly home designs. Carpets are easily ruined by animal claws and collect enormous amounts of animal hair. Hard surface floors, particularly solid wood flooring, are far more durable and easier to maintain. These floors can still be beautiful and very homey, while being much less of a hassle to clean. Now, here are some that you can redecorate:

1.) Pet Furniture

You won’t always be able to keep your eyes on your pets when they go into your
furniture, but you can reduce their attachment to your beautiful chairs and comfy
sofas by providing furniture of their own. Cushions, beds, and scratching posts are
great for your pets that need a soft place to land.

Pets are normally social, so keeping the furniture near your own will decrease the
likelihood of them spending so much time on the furnishings you’d like to consider as

2.) Protective Covers

Investing in attractive covers for your furniture that can easily be washed or removed
is a no-brainer. This way, it will help you avoid the untidy look of few pet-dominated
homes and encourage a healthier environment for both humans and critters.

Image by Adriana Morales from Pixabay

3.) Pet Food Corner

Look for an area off the kitchen where you can keep their treats and their food. A
bench-style cupboard is a terrific choice for food storage. There’s a compartment for
their favourite treats and food inside, out of your pet’s sight. Bowls for water and food
can be placed into the bench seat, so your companions have a designated spot to eat
every day.

4.) Non-Precious Decorations

Remove anything that gets broken easily or move it to a more secure area where pets
aren’t allowed. Often times, animals have so much more energy than we think, and they can end your valuables if you’re not careful. Keep your and your family’s heirlooms out of reach — only put out décor that’s unbreakable.

Your home will partially be committed to starting anew with your pets. Each of the design ideas mentioned is intended to make the transition easier and possibly even painless for both you and your lovely pets.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

5.) A cosy place to sleep

A precious sleep station is a fantasist way to make your new furry family member feel
secure in a new home — it goes a long way when setting up rules during bedtime.

There are endlessly stylish ways to give your furry friend a bed of their own. Also, you
can upgrade their bed’s look each season (which is exciting by the way) by accessorizing with weather-appropriate throw pillows.

For the cute dogs you may want to use faux fur throws to match their bed in winter and a cool cotton quilt in summer. Providing your pets designated areas to sleep in can help with obedience and training them not to sit on couches or hover around the table at dinner.

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