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What is the Next Big Step for Mobile Gaming Fans?

LONDON - England - The future is here for mobile gaming fans with many different ways to enjoy and connect with the gaming world.

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Mobile gaming has already seen a massive transformation from simplistic games to powerful high-end graphics driving complex, immersive experiences. It is these transformations that have created such an enormous powerhouse of an industry. Mobile gaming incorporates a wide range of sectors, including games on offer at a casino online in the UK to, app-based games downloadable to handheld devices and many more. When it was first announced, industry experts thought that 5G would revolutionize mobile gameplay, but actually, while it has improved performance in many cases, it was not as revolutionary as first thought, and there are bigger and better things on the horizon for mobile gaming fans.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Although virtual reality has been a component of some online gaming for a while now, it is quite prohibitive. The headsets required are expensive and cumbersome, but this is set to change. New headsets are coming to market all the time, and this drives prices down, opening this sector to many more players. Software houses are also looking to use augmented reality, which is an excellent addition to mobile gaming but, when combined with virtual reality, looks set to dominate. Of course, Pokémon GO is the most famous game to utilize augmented reality and is still adored by fans across the world. Augmented reality uses the player’s real-life backdrop, be it a front room or out in the town, and drops gameplay into the screen using the virtual characters.

Wearable Gaming

Wearables up another big technology trend and are used for all sorts of things, from tracking steps to heart rate, receiving phone calls and text messages on the go and many other things. Although perhaps nowhere near as powerful as the smartphone, smartwatches are considered by many to be another trend just waiting to explode for mobile gaming. There is already limited gaming availability on some devices, but this is thought to be just the beginning. While it might seem unlikely due to the small and restrictive size of the screen, remember it was not that long ago that we could not conceive mobile gaming at all, and now it is a vast and profitable industry.

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Cloud Based Gaming

Cloud-based computing is already highly utilized in many sectors of business and personal life, and cloud gaming could well be another trend set to create a big step for the industry. Many popular games played online require powerful hardware with complex graphics cards, sound cards, processors and more. Cloud-based gaming would create a front-end console that should be no more than a phone, and all the processing power would be carried out on the server attached to the gaming companies, therefore not needed by the end user.

The future possibilities of online gaming are endless, as many of the current technologies would not even be conceivable ideas just a few short years before they became reality. It is hard to guess what will be invented next, but the sector is proving to be sustainable and showing constant growth.

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