Artist Paints Canvas Red to Sell to Someone

NEW YORK - USA - Established artist Eduardo Mancini has sold a red painted canvas for an enormous amount of money.

An artist has painted a canvas red. The canvas was propped up on the wall, and the artist daubed red emulsion paint over the previously white canvas turning it red.

“I used red paint to cover the canvas surface completely. The painting took 48 minutes to complete. I particularly took care to not let any droplets fall to the ground. I have transformed the previously white canvas to red,” Eduardo Mancini, the celebrated artist revealed in Art magazine.

The painting has already been snapped up the Gogassian gallery in New York and is estimated to sell for $850,000 with a few collectors vying to buy the piece in a bidding war.

Angus McFenster, 45, a carpenter from East Kilbride, Scotland has emulated the same style of painting but was less lucky with collectors.

“I went to a gallery with a similar painting of the art piece sold in New York but in blue. They asked me what my name was, when I replied ‘Angus McFenster’ they said ‘who?’. I suppose if you don’t have a name you can’t get away with it. Sold it at a car boot sale for a fiver.”