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Meghan Markle Leads Prince Harry into the Forgotten Forest

THE FORGOTTEN FOREST - Somewhere deep in the darkness, the well trodden path where many men have fallen, is once again being walked on by the wayward Harry and someone he thought he trusted.

One rarely ventures into the Forgotten Forest, and one rarely comes out alive, but there are fears in the palace on this eve that the wayward Prince Harry has ventured into a place where he may never return.

Enticed into the dark place where creatures slither, where dark spirits dwell, and where no man ever returns in one piece, the prince is jolly and seemingly ripe for the slaughter. Meghan, the smiling face of deceit, power play, greed and narcissism leads him by the hand with slithering seductive whispers in his ear, promises that are steeped in lies and perfidiousness.

You must give everything you have, you must be completely possessed by my power, you must relinquish your very soul to me, everything must be taken from you, and for this I will only give you misery and heartache, the harridan whispers gently, almost a lulling hypnotic chant that he cannot relinquish himself from.

The winding roots seem to move as the prince is led deeper into the bowels of the darkness, and yet he still does not realise what is going on.

Just a little farther we shall go, she whispers. The snakes suddenly come alive, hissing and seething with excitement as the skipping fool nears.

All manner of beasts congregate, they have been priorly invoked to sup on this feast fast approaching. Some of these creatures even jostle for position in anticipation of the first bite.

Led like a lamb to the slaughter, Meghan stands still whilst Harry innocently continues walking. The grinning smirk on her face tells all, as the forest envelopes the poor prince with one almighty gulp.

Picking up the money bags, the stolen royal jewels and the prince’s fallen cap, she turns around and walks calmly back along the path, smiling at the skeletons and skulls of past men who dared venture her way.

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