Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Up Bricklaying Hobby

LOS ANGELES - USA - Iconic Hollywood action man and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken up bricklaying as a hobby to wile away the long hours, he has revealed.

“I gadda take da brick, you know one brick, then lay it on da uahdda brick, then lay annuda brick! I love it. It is so ex-c-i-t-ing! You seddus u-u-hp! It’s all bullsh*t, all of it! I gadda do all da dirty woirk but it’s wurth it!” the elated former actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger said from his Hollywood Hills mansion.

There are many hours of fun to be had with the new hobby and the Hollywood legend has already built numerous things with his newly found skill.

“I builted vun wa-a-ll here, and annuda wall deyar and I vant to builtedannuda wall deyar!” Arnie said with a big grin.