Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin to Have Bikini Fight to Settle Leadership Contest

ALABAMA - USA - In a long standing feud between the two GOP Tea Party members, Sarah Palin and three-term Minnesota congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann, will duke it out in a mud pit in front of hundreds of Tea Party members and a national TV audience.

Jonties Bar and Grill in downtown Piedmont, Alabama will be the venue for the Tea Party Bikini Fight that is touted as settling the score once and for all between these two ladies fighting for the GOP leadership in the 2012 elections.

“You know you’re onto something when Democrat Bill Clinton books a ringside ticket to a Republican GOP Bikini Bitch Fight. Luckily for him, Hillary will be out of town again and he just has to fly down here to see them beautiful gals getting down and dirty. This fight will be the decider on who will win the ultimate prize — the presidency,” Ronnie Kidd, a Fox news anchor, who will be covering the fight revealed.

“We’re considering doing a pay-per-view on the fight but we’ll have to see,” Jimmy Oberman, a Fox news executive said.

Tea Party member, Ed Selznik, 45, said: “If I see those two wrestling in their bikinis in the mud and sand, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold off. That’s why I plan on choking the chicken before I even get to the venue. It’s just going to be too hot to bear otherwise.”

The GOP Bikini Fight will be held on the 15 July and broadcast live on the Republican parties personal broadcasting channel, Fox News .