Captured on Camera: Madonna Meets Up With Secret Grandson

NEW YORK - USA - The 56 year old grandmother, Madonna, finally met up with her secret grandson after many years, the Daily Squib Exclusive Report can reveal.

No one knew Madonna was a grandmother, not even her ex-husband Guy Richie. That is until now when the Daily Squib can reveal the dramatic moments when her Royal Madgeness finally got to meet her long lost Brazilian grandson.

“Back in 1979 she slept with a Brazilian dude named Marco Estevez who said he could make her famous. Of course that was a lie and he used that like all the other guys to get Ms Ciccone into bed. Well, she had a secret child with Marco and that child’s name was Jaco who grew up to be a drummer in a samba band in Rio. Sadly Madonna’s son never made it past 23 and was killed in a bar fight in Sao Paolo. The thing is, he had a son and his name was Samuel Jaco Estevez. That is who Madonna is finally meeting. This is an incredible moment in pop history. No one else knows about this and this news will rock the media to its core,” Jose Mancino Vasquez, a pop genealogist revealed to the Daily Squib.

The secret meeting was documented by celebrity photographer Carlos Hemingway. The photos will also be published in a special commemorative book featuring the story of Madonna’s wonderful discovery.

There was shock back in Britain with Madonna fans congregating outside her UK record company headquarters in Harlesden, North West London.

Kia Munter, 45, has been a keen Madonna fan for the past 40 years and was visibly excited at the news: “I been a Madonna fan for many years now and I probably know more about her than herself. Now they’ve discovered her secret Brazilian grandson? I can’t believe this? It’s wonderful news, I hope she’s happy with discovering her grandson. Amazing news.”

The book will reveal a brief incite into Madonna’s discovery of her grandson and her times with him in Brazil.

An excerpt from the upcoming book showing Madonna
getting to finally know her grandson

Madonna has apparently taken to her role as a grandmother with great relish and is enjoying her new role thoroughly.

“She spent some time in Brazil with her grandson. The book documents this and illustrates the themes and intrigue of finally getting to know her only grandson after many years of not knowing he even existed,” Luis Tavares, the ghost-writer for the project told the Daily Squib.

An awkward moment between grandmother
and grandson captured in the new book

‘My Secret Grandson’ by Madonna will be released in March on the same day as Madonna’s new album called ‘My Pet Gigolo’.