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Senior Citizen Attacks Beauty Pageant Contestant

WASILLA - USA - Chaos descended today on the Miss Alaska beauty pageant when one of the contestants was attacked by a crazed and deranged old man from the audience.

Alaskan beauties who glided down the ramp in a glitzy beauty pageant contest organised by the Alaskan Fashion Society, Igloo, in collaboration with the local Alaskan Culture and Arts council, were disturbed by an incident during the swimsuit presentation today.

One of the contestants, Miss Sarah Palin was attacked as she got on stage to show off her swimsuit.

“Miss Palin was onstage and was showing off her talent when there was a commotion in the audience. A geriatric man of about 139 had got past security somehow and with one of his hands cupped one of Miss Palin’s breasts whilst making lewd remarks and actions. The man was quickly arrested and is now under custody. The traumatised contestant is currently being give councilling after her attacker left his false teeth and a large amount of slobber in her cleavage during the commotion as he was arrested,” organiser, Joanna Wachika told Alaska Daily News.

The man was later identified as Jonathan McCain from an Arizona Nursing Home. He had escaped last week and had been on the run with no sightings.

Because of the breach of security this year, the organisers have vowed to increase all security for the 2009 contest.

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