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Mass City UK Exodus Marathon Season Begins

LONDON - England - Get ready for the marathon of the decade when thousands of top earning bankers, financiers, IT professionals and senior businessmen leave the UK's shores and go to better climes.

“Darling says he wants to tax everyone by 50 per cent in April plus tax bonuses by another 50 per cent, that’s not including all the other f*cking tax. Don’t know about you lot, but I’m off to spend my coke and whore money elsewhere,”  a high ranking banker told the Financial Times.

This is set to be the biggest mass exodus from the City ever recorded.


The depth of concern about the planned tax heist will also result in the British economy falling further into debt and recession being prolonged for many decades without any chance of recovery. 

“The economy is going to take a big hit and Britain will face a brain drain of talent abroad. It’s not just brainy financiers who will leave these shores, so will footballers who will not touch this place with a barge pole because of the 50pc tax. The talent drain will trickle down to the already failing Labourised economy resulting in mass job losses; loss of business; loss of enterprise and ghost towns. Time to get the f*ck out of dodge I think eh,” said one chief executive of a FTSE 100 company.



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  1. There’s no point in erning more than 20K in the UK cuz the rest would get taxed. I just couldn’t stand the thought of that ever happening and my money going to welfare people. I would prefer to work hard and to pay tax which would go to a better roads, hospitals and quality of life. Not welfare and benefits.

    I hope America never gets like the UK. I really do. Obama is a socialist and he is trying to ruin America, I hope that he is stopped.

  2. Just think bankers, your salary is going to Gordon Brown so he can give it to more benefits cheats and welfare shisters. Sleep on that you useless ****’s!!!!

  3. It’s good that even such as these are now being affected by this moribund so-called Labour government, if indeed it’s no more than a political manoeuvre to fool the taxpayers into believing which side they really are on. If these incredible talents have not yet floated across the seas – one wonders where to – they will at least do us the favour of not voting for their erstwhile benefactors. The capitalist socialists hadn’t even suspected they would, through their utter hypocrisy, eventually land themselves between Scylla and Charybdis.

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