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Disgrace of Met Policeman Who is Not Racist

London - England - The racism crisis engulfing Scotland Yard took a dramatic turn last night as an officer was exposed for not being racist enough.

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In an appalling drunken outburst, PC Thomas Raycehaight, 36, told the Pakistani  ‘glad you’ve come to our wonderful country. You are most welcome here’. The disgraced officer faces the sack for gross misconduct after being convicted of a non racially aggravated comment towards a non-English person.

The Metropolitan police force which prides itself in its institutionally racist organisation is determined to not let this lax of principles by one officer let it down.

“We at the Met are determined to carry on and not let our force be tarnished by one non-racist individual in our ranks. He will be sent back to Hendon immediately for re-training,” police commisioner, Paul Whitewash, told the BBC.

The Met is determined to root out any non-racist officers and will complete an internal investigation into these serious allegations by next month.

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