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U.S. Military to Hold Gay Fashion Week

TUCSON - Arizona - Gay Marines are to hold a fashion parade with newly designed uniforms at Fort Peniston for the whole of this week, a gay Marine corps. corporal has disclosed.


“When I’m in combat I like to unload my magazine with style; to shoot my bullets at all those bad boys out there,” Corporal Andre Mincer, told Stars and Stripes magazine.

Already, the barracks where the fashion show will be held, has had a major makeover and a catwalk installed where all the gay U.S. military boys and girls will be up there strutting their stuff for five days of joyous military fashion styles.

“It don’t get better than this. Ever since the military and Obama administration pushed for a gayer U.S. military, we’ve seen a serious influx of new recruits. The gays are especially loving the shower sessions with all those big macho marines. Bending over to pick up the soap has never been so much frickin’ fun,” Corporal Mincer was quoted as saying.

The standard issue military uniform has been dubbed as ‘too boring’ by the marines and they are now pushing for stilettos and spandex for combat operations.

“If I’m gonna go out there to Iraq or Afghanistan, I want to look fierce in my uniform, you know, Haute Couture and fabulous sequins. I want to sashay in front of those big swingin’ Arab boys in their white cloth dresses. Ooh shoot me baby!” another Marine said just before dress rehearsals on Sunday.

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