Ken Livingstone Could Be Forcibly Moved to Madagascar Says Labour

SCUNTHORPE - England - After bizarrely calling Hitler a Zionist, and defending a Muslim MP who called for Israel to be moved to America, the Labour hierarchy have been scrambling for a final solution all week.


“We racked our brains all week and finally we found the final solution. Someone shouted out ‘Madagascar’. Just as the Jews were once purported to have been told post-war to go to Madagascar, Ken Livingstone should be forcibly moved there too,” a Labour member present at the meeting told the Guardian.

The anti-Semitic Corbyn-run Labour party are scrambling to save face, some even proposing that Livingstone has a 100 foot high wall erected around his new domain manned exclusively by Jews with machine guns wishing to contain the former London mayor from further outrage.

In a fit of genius, one big Labour brain asked: “Are there any trains in Madagascar? If so, we could pack Livingstone on one, give him no food or water for hours, before being delivered to a camp where he is greeted by barking Alsatians and brutal camp guards. His lot in life then will be one of back breaking work, hitting rocks with a hammer and working in the local salt mine or alternatively, if directed to the right, fast tracked towards a shower.”

Jeremy Corbyn, who is fully backing Britain remaining in the EU, was not available for comment.