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Brexit Juncker’s Disastrous Dinner Made Talks About Talks Trickier?

LONDON - England - As the EU27 agreed negotiating guidelines that promise pain before gain, an account of a Juncker and May vomitous meal exposes the chasm between them.

Cryogenically Frozen Brain Transplanted in Wrong Body, Claims Surgeon

TURIN - Italy - Professor Sergio Cannelloni, Director of the Shroud Advanced Neuromodulation Group, who carried out the world's first brain transplant 10 months ago may have had a minor mishap during one of his operations.

Remainer Lib Dems, Labour, Tories are Pro-EU Marxist Communists

LONDON - England - If you support the EU, you essentially support Marxist Soviet Communistic political ideologies and techniques of rule.

Analyst: Why Turkey Opening Border to Millions Migrants into Europe is...

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday has vowed to throw open Turkey's borders to illegal migrants after the European Parliament voted to back a freeze in membership talks with Ankara, and have reneged on a visa deal that was promised by the EU a few months ago.

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