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‘Google Set to Buy Daily Squib’

LONDON - England - Google is in late stage talks to buy the best news site on the internet, the Daily Squib, according to reports on the influential technology blog TechCrunch and insider rumours.

Daily Squib Hires Labour Peer

ESSEX - England - The Daily Squib has managed to hire a Lord to change the law in our favour.

Merry Christmas From the Daily Squib Lapland Theme Park

OFF JUNCTION 23 OF THE M5 - England - All Daily Squib readers are invited to our version of Lapland. A place where you can smell the booze and fags off Santa's yellow nicotine stained beard or be bitten by one of the starving Rottweilers doubling up as an Alaskan Huskie.

Daily Squib Newspaper Billion Pound BoE and US Fed. Rescue Plea

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib newspaper is requesting billions of pounds from the Bank of England and US Federal Reserve so that it can keep churning out more diabolical nonsense onto the internet.

Daily Squib Bank Account Guarantees All Deposits

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib Media Empire has issued a blanket guarantee of all bank deposits after panic withdrawals by customers in the UK, creating an unstoppable stampede across Europe for an EU-wide bail of the financial system.

Russian General Talks to Daily Squib About Favourite Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, who is in charge of all the nuclear missiles in Russia as well as all strategic nuclear tactics, talks to the Daily Squib about his favourite Vodka tipple.

Boris Johnson Thanks Daily Squib After Winning Mayoral Election

London - England - After a wonderful drubbing at the polls, Labour has been firmly whipped by the nations voters in local elections.

Nielsen Names ‘Daily Squib’ Most Visited News Site on Top 30...

OBERSALZBERG MOUNTAIN - Germany - There were celebrations in the Daily Squib offices worldwide when Nielsen Online released data on the top 30 sites in the News category based on February 2008 traffic.

The Daily Squib Guide to Celebrity Perfumes

LONDON - England - Last years celebrity perfume season is well and gone. The Daily Squib reports exclusively with our resident experts on the wonderful fragrances on offer.

The Daily Squib Christmas Nintendo Wii Giveaway

The Daily Squib premier news source is proudly giving away a Nintendo Wii to one lucky recipient. It is still not too late to get a Wii before Christmas so good luck folks.

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