Thanks For Nothing Gordon Brown

LONDON - England - As the unelected imposter in chief prepares to leave Downing Street for the last time, the country is bracing itself for the many years of pain and 'austerity' that will be needed to repair itself after thirteen years of hurt and unbearable misery.

Labour’s scorched earth policy of destruction is nearly over thank god and even though most of the people will give a sigh of relief at the disgraceful exit of the worst PM and government in the history of Britain, there will have to be the final realisation that the people will have to suffer for many generations to try and claw the country back from the trillion pound deficit left by Labour.

Labour’s legacy is one of destruction; of utter disdain towards the people of Britain; of complete waste of our resources; of ridiculous levels of irresponsibility with regards to immigration and the economy. Gordon Brown has endangered the British people with his asinine nonsensical policies.

Thirteen terrible years of Labour have created a land bereft of hope. The thousands of laws created by Labour curbing human behaviour; introducing millions of CCTV surveillance cameras to watch us; letting criminals and murderers run riot in our streets and opening the borders to anyone who wants to abuse the welfare system.

Under Labour, there are families who have never worked since 1997, they have instead just enjoyed the myriad of welfare benefits and lived a life of leisure at the expense of the taxpayer.

Because of Labour, every one who has a job, has to work for 196 days before they make any money for themselves. The punitive Labour tax system stifles all work, business and employment. No wonder there are millions of families who choose not to work and are paid £50,000 per annum to play video games and get drunk under Labour’s policy of welfare waste.

Forget about the BNP wanting to throw all the Muslims out of Britain, they’re all talk. Labour has started two wars against the Muslims and is murdering them in cold blood everyday. Labour is not just talk like the BNP, they are actually out there invading and murdering innocent people in their own countries. And all of that because Blair wanted to look big next to America. How many thousands of civilians and brainwashed troops have died needlessly because of Labour? How much blood has been shed for no reason at all apart from to serve the egos of Labour politicians.

The day of the ‘champagne socialist’ is over; there was never any ‘equality’ with them anyway as they flew in first class and guzzled pork pies in their Jaguars.

Gordon Brown’s legacy is one of ultimate failure, of ruin and of imbecilic obtuseness. He is just stupid, and by shoehorning himself into the role of PM he has taken Britain to the brink of complete collapse. It will take many generations to clear up this mess created by Gordon Brown. He said the other day that he wants to work for charity when he is finally ousted as PM. Please tell me what charity will have him? Donations will dry up and their reputation will be tarnished forever. Good riddance fucker and thanks for absolutely nothing.