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Fourth Chinese Chemical Explosion Blackens Zhejiang Sky

ZHEJIANG - China - The fourth Chinese chemical explosion in just over a month seems to denote a certain pattern is developing in explosions.

China Adiponitrile Explosion Number Three Rocks the Casbah

DONGYING CITY - China - A third massive chemical explosion has been reported by Chinese media, this time the chemical adiponitrile was spread across a wide area.

China Explosion Season Begins in Earnest

SHANDONG - China - Explosion season is upon us as Chinese cities explode. First we had Tianjin and now Shandong, but will it stop there, maybe not?

Chinese Officials Reveal Flatulence Ignited Massive Explosion

TIANJIN - China - The massive blast this week was caused by a fart that ignited a load of chemicals the Chinese Xinhua news agency has finally revealed.

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