We have received some interesting thoughts from a real medical practitioner, the esteemed Dr. Sagili, who adds a rather poignant point to the current coronavirus pandemic currently affecting India, and the rest of the world.

India went in to lockdown about a month ago, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

As of today Coronavirus has claimed approximately 900 lives in India.

On an average, about 400 deaths occur each day in India, due to road traffic accidents.

This would translate to approximately 12000 deaths in a month.

If we assume that the lockdown has eliminated the road traffic accidents, approximately 12000 deaths would have been avoided after a lockdown of 1 month.

Coronavirus has claimed around 900 lives so far, which would mean that more than 11000 people have been saved during this time.

It appears that the consequences of Coronavirus pandemic may have saved more lives, than it has claimed so far in India.


Dr Suresh Sagili – MBBS, MS, FRCOphth

Ophthalmology, United Kingdom