Cameron's Boss Angry With Cable

LONDON - England - British prime minister, David Cameron, was said to be upset today after a severe telling off from his master about one of the subordinates who seems to have got out of hand.

“From what I understand, some oik going by the name of Vince Cable has started mouthing off about the big boss. Well, naturally, I was the one that got the earful from the old dalek, and I’m not standing for it,” Mr Cameron said from his Christmas retreat at Chequers.

Things have been very hard as it is for the Coalition and any dissent of the main benefactor will not do.

At War

“Davros will have his pound of flesh soon enough though. Vince has held on so far, but once the unholy dalek tastes blood, he has to have the lot or he gets very, very angry,” a News International employee divulged on Friday.

So far, Mr Cable has hung on by his fingertips, but for how long? Everyone knows that simply by crossing the unholy lizard, who has an octopus grip over the world’s media, you are signing your death warrant, and you will never work in this or any town ever again.

“The holy dalek makes sure that those who get in his way, cross him, or ‘declare war against him’ never survive. No mercy is the rule, and in Vince Cable’s case, he better start looking for a new job soon,” the News International worker added.