First Look Inside Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Home

WASILLA - Alaska - Sarah Palin, the prospective Republican Vice President has invited Hello magazine into her family home deep in the wilds of Alaska for an informative tour.

The Daily Squib newspaper has acquired a world exclusive peak into the Sarah Palin Hello magazine article detailing her life with her family deep in the Alaskan tundra.

Hello magazine is reported to have paid the Alaskan governess a six figure sum to reveal to the world the wonders of life in the Alaskan wilds.

When she’s not gutting a bison for breakfast or getting ready to shoot anyone that impregnates her 14 year old daughter, she can be found in her local evangelical church contemplating the wonders of creationism and the coming rapture.

The Hello article to be published next week reveals some intimate details about the McCain VP pick, Sarah Palin.

Already touted as the turning point in the McCain campaign, Obama supporters have been outdone by this self confessed lipstick wearing Rottweiler.

Sarah Palin’s family home is a wonderfully rustic log cabin in a wooded area where polar bears and grizzlies roam at night.

She is such a crack shot with her guns that one night she brought home three moose to feed her family of twelve.

Her favourite pastime is hunting bison on the plains surrounding her forest home.

There’s nothing better than for Sarah Palin and her family to stay at home in front of a cozy log fire and just watch those expense account sheets courtesy of the taxpayer roll on.

Sarah’s log cabin is also home to her wonderful collection of hunting trophies which adorn the cabin walls.

She has shot and killed over three hundred species of animal native to the Alaskan wilderness and even some from further afield.