99.9% of UK Pupils Receive A Grade in A-Levels

LONDON - England - A-Level grades this year set another record and were up from 2007 where the 'A grades' were 98%. The year 2008, however, smashed all previous records with only 5 pupils getting a B grade in the whole country.

Only five people in the whole of the United Kingdom failed to gain an ‘A grade’ on the A-Level exam this year. The pupils who got B grades this year were said to be inconsolable.

“This is a sure sign that teenagers in the UK are getting more intelligent,” Schools minister, Ed Balls remarked after the A-level results were released today.

“A-Levels Meaningless”

Since Labour has come into power the standard of A-Levels has dropped to such a low level that many private schools are considering dumping the dumbed down ‘qualifications’ for a rival qualification that will test pupils properly.

The current A-levels were watered down by controversial Labour reforms to A-levels seven years ago which split the exam into six bite-sized units examined in stages throughout the course, with potential for repeated resits. The Labour government has thus created a false grade system where even the thickest students can take the exams and get ‘A grades’.

“Creating a dumbed down class”

Not only have the A-Level exams been dumbed down to the level of a low-intelligence test, but the pass marks for ‘A grades’ in the A-level have also been lowered so more students reach the A threshold.

In the 50’s up to the late 80’s, A-levels involved students be tested by sitting exams and writing actual essays. A pass mark for an A grade was substantially higher than today’s ‘mickey mouse’ qualification.

The result of the Labour governments spin operation on the A-levels is that there are a large number of people leaving school with ‘A grades’ who are actually not qualified in their chosen subjects.

Lee from Liverpool is very happy that he got 3 A grades for his
A-levels and has applied to Cambridge University and been accepted

Universities have a very hard time because they are receiving students who are deficient in basic grammatical and mathematical skills, let alone the higher knowledge base that should be attained at A-Level.

The further avalanche effect thus extends to employment where the new ‘A student’ graduates are illiterate, ineffectual and just plain deluded at their false qualifications.

Despite the majority of graduates all having A grades at A-Level, universities are now having to re-train students in the basics because of the inferior education levels that they have received.

The A-level A grade is now synonymous with stupidity, ignorance, deception, dishonesty, Labour spin and failure.

  • Paul

    Pete, I think you can rest safely assured that the post from ‘Jonny’ is a spoof.

    Although you could be forgiven for believing it! I work in an area where we receive written reports from ostensibly educated and intelligent people. Yet regularly I have to bemoan the fact they cannot use punctuation correctly (especially the dreaded possessive apostrophe), neither can they use grammar or spell correctly. As for writing sentences that make sense, well, that’s becoming the exception.

    When I heard the government saying that teaching methods must be improved I yelled at the radio You had a

  • PeteWarren

    Please someone tell me that Jonny is a joke post.No one can be that stupid..surely?

  • Jonny

    I got all A’s fore my A levils today! I wurked very hard 4 them and this stpuid website is righting a load of crap innit.

    I been excepted @ Ox4ord 2 study English!!! So there!!!